About Us


We are a small local Community Facility serving the areas of Oldcourt, Ballycragh and Ballycullen setup to provide a space for small community groups to meet, run various activities. Such activities include:

  • Pre-school Parent & Child Groups
  • Adult Social Groups
  • Fitness classes
  • Youth Groups

We also include various other community activities for the benefit of the local community. We help address the social, educational, childcare and recreational needs of the local community while liaising with the appropriate authorities on issues which further the betterment of the local area and residents living within the area. This ensures maximum participation of all in the community, taking into account the needs of the youth, parents, people with disabilities, senior citizens and any groups with special needs.

The Centre is committed to the long term development of the community by meeting community needs, therefore we value all members of our community and endeavour to create a safe and positive environment where all members of the community are considered in all our activities and are treated with dignity and respect. We also recognize the multicultural background within the community and so make the facility available to include everyone.

The Ballycragh Park Community Facility DevelopmentĀ  Group which has been in place since 2002 completed a full survey of residents in the area and the needs identified were dance, music, yoga art, crafts, toddler group, youth group and retired group.

Since then there have been a number of public meetings to support the development of the Community Centre. Since the centre opened at the end of Summer 2013 the biggest demand is for Parenting Classes, facilities for the Young, the old and the unemployed.

As outlined above the demand for these activities in the area are from the surveys, public meetings and the people attending the centre since it opened. As this is a DEIS area with a varied cultural mix the need for support from the community is large while the supply of funds is small and any help in this area will be appreciated.

As this is a new area with a great mix of cultures and ages these activities will greatly help the community to integrate and grow as the Centre is already seen as the focal point in the community and the range of activities will bring added value in information and education and social integration.

The Centre is Managed by a Board of Directors.

The Centre is managed on a day to day basis by Ms Beryl Gilmore. We also have ten community staff who are very committed to the centre.

We rent out rooms at community and commercial rates (at present we have the rooms occupied for 24 hours each week) and hold fund raising activities e.g. The Summer Project.

We also have a Small Coffee Shop which will generate funds and have a wide support from the community if we need to generate additional funds.

We are committed to providing community services in the area on a long term bases and will continue to raise whatever funds are needed to support this project.